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Compressing Documents Is a Digital Necessity

Just like the rules that confine us to limiting our answers to one page in an exam, there are certain online forms and application portals that specify a particular PDF size that can be uploaded online. Makes no sense, some of us think like that and it is perfectly understandable! But instead of wasting your precious time arguing with your computer screen, you need to think about a fix. And that fix is compression.You can compress your large PDF files to the permitted size and be done with the problem.

There is a catch though. There aren’t many quality PDF compressors available online. The ones that pretend to get the job will be the reason you will never be able to get your documents compressed. A user might experience so close yet so far feelings when he or she is unable to compress the PDFs, a feat that shouldn’t take more than a couple of minutes to accomplish!

It Is An Annoying Issue Alright!

It is not just about the applications and online portals as well. The need to compress your PDF files can arise at any time during your professional or academic life. Chances that you will need to compress your large PDF files are higher especially when you are a student or a professional who has a job that involves data transmission daily.

Imagine the frustration of a student who has to submit the final year project thesis in a PDF file under a particular size limit, but is unable to compress the large PDF file that contains images of his or her research work. The images cannot be excluded at any cost, since they are essential for the explanation of things. On the other hand, the student faces the risk of severe criticism on his or her supervisor’s part for not adhering to the size limit. Quite a quagmire the student has fallen prey to, right? 

How to Compress Large PDF Files?

We think that the problem has been comprehensively explained for the sake of this discussion. Now, let us move to the solution phase of this discussion. Humans love a challenge, and this problem was no small challenge! There are plenty of tips and tricks devised and designed by clever humans that you can use to your advantage to compress a large PDF file.

In this section of the discussion, we talk about these tips and tricks. But even before we share these magical tips with you, you need to know how you can determine the size of your PDF file. This is quite simple. All that you have to do is hover the mouse cursor on the document and a little icon will appear that shows the size of the document. You can also determine the size of your PDF file by right-clicking the document and opting for the properties option.

On to solutions then. Well, how about you eliminate the need of compressing your PDF files altogether? Yes, it is quite possible in some instances. All that you have to do is make sure that your PDF contains the least number of scanned images and text. These are the biggest contributors to the large size problem of PDF files. If your document doesn’t contain too many scanned images and texts but still is well outside the mentioned size limit, you can try saving your PDF file in a reduced-size PDF format.

This has to be one of the simplest methods of reducing your PDF’s size to the required limit. However, there are a couple of issues with this method. One, not all PDF editors offer this option. Second, the quality of images and texts is compromised as well, as well as certain features like digital signatures will not be part of a reduced version of the document as well. 

More often than not, a file is created in MS Word or similar software first and then converted to PDF later. Well, how about nipping the evil in the bud? You can try reducing the size in the MS Word version as well before you convert to PDF. These and a few other methods do work, so giving them a try is worth your time alright! 

These Tips Won’t Work Every Time! 

That’s what many of you are thinking right now, we can easily guess that. Of course, there are other methods as well that you can try. But the thing is, these are all hit and trial methods. If you don’t have something solid backing up you as an alternative, the result can be quite frustrating. What we are saying is this: you need a PDF compressor that can resize your large PDF files according to your demands. There are hundreds of such tools available online so you are good. 

Except that you are not. A large percentage of PDF compression tools that are available free of cost online are nothing but websites that bombard a user with ads of all sorts. Link after link will open up once the document is uploaded, taking the user far away from the original URL and of course, the main objective i.e. file compression.

Use Free Convert PDF to Compress Your PDF Files 

However, there is one tool that you can use to your advantage with optimal results promised. We are talking about Free Convert PDF a file converting tool that you can access with maximum convenience and use with minimum fuss. Instead of trying all the trips and achieving nothing in the end, you can put your faith in Free Convert PDF and obtain the desired objective quite easily. 

There are many reasons to like this tool. For one, it ensures that a user does get his file converted or compressed. For another, it strongly believes in data encryption and protection. This is exactly the reason why a user’s files are deleted after three hours of uploading them on the website automatically. The cherry on the top? All it takes are a few seconds to get the job done! These and many other reasons form the basis for the fact that millions of users are using this tool to convert pdf files as well as compress them. 

How to Compress Your PDF Files Using Free Convert PDF?  

We know that you cannot wait to compress your PDF file any longer, which is why we will cut the bush beating and jump straight to the topic. Here are the steps that you need to take to compress your large PDF file:

1- In the first step, you need to upload the PDF file to the website that you wish to compress. Select the file from its location on your computer storage and click upload. 

2- Once you have uploaded the file successfully, the next step is that of resizing. In this step, you can change the paper size as well as add paddings or margins. This resizing step varies from one document to another, depending upon the user’s requirements.  

3- If you have done everything by the book so far, your converted file should be ready to download in this step. All it will take is a couple of seconds and boom, you are done compressing the file! 

This Tool Has a Lot More To Offer than Just Compression

Compression is only one of the many tasks that Free Convert PDF can get done in a matter of seconds. The variety of formats to and from which this platform can convert files is quite astounding. JPG, PNG, EPUB, EXCEL, WORD, PPT are some of the most commonly used file formats, this platform supports conversion to and from all these formats.

The platform features versatile editing features as well. We all know how hard editing a PDF can be. Free Convert PDF allows you to merge, split, rotate, delete, and protect your PDF files in a hassle-free manner. Not only that, the platform allows the user to fill and sign your PDF file, crop it, resize it and put watermarks on it as well. So you see, it does a lot more than just compression! What is more, Free Convert PDF offers universal conversion.

This means that you can convert files to and from PDF using any operating system. Windows, Linux, or Mac books, this website works for all. We can tell you that not many online conversion and compression tools are so diversely compatible with operating systems, count yourselves lucky you found Free Convert PDF! 

Final Thoughts

That would be all from this discussion. We hope that you learned something if not everything new about this amazing pdf compression tool that is all about smart work. One million users are super satisfied with this platform’s service and are converting and compressing PDFs all the time. Join today and become a part of this happy cult that has finally mastered the art of PDF compression, all thanks to Free Convert PDF! Many are already calling it the best pdf converter but we will let you decide that! 

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