Importance of PDF File Formats in Compression

PDF is easily the most used file format in the world. It is used in schools, government institutions, businesses, and just about everywhere possible. The internet is filled with PDF files. PDF stands for Portable Document Format. It is the epitome of portable. If you are considering compressing the file, you will find PDF to be the best format. It truly does wonders. You will never be disappointed when you use PDF.

Ever since PDF became an open standard in 2008, its popularity has skyrocketed. Chances are that you already use it for your day to day activities. When it comes to compression and conversion, it can be difficult to determine which file format to use. However, with PDF, you never have to worry as it takes care of everything for you. So, what are you waiting for? Let’s take a look at the many reasons why the PDF file format is the best option when considering compression.

1. Easy to Compress

One of the main reasons why PDF file formats are the best option in terms of compression, it is because of the ease with which one can compress the file. You will have an easy time compressing the file. It barely takes any time to compress PDF files to the desired size. Then, you can convert PDF to word without any need to further decrease the size.

To compress the size of the PDF file, you can either use Adobe Acrobat or an online tool. Both options work wonders. Hence, you do not have to get an Adobe subscription. The online tools are free. To compress the file, you can either select the file from your desktop or drag the file. It will take minimal time for the file to be compressed.

2. Option to Set the DPI

A great thing about PDF file formats is that when you scan a document and save it to PDF, you get to select the DPI. If you do not know what DPI means, it is an abbreviation that stands for dots per inch. Once you have scanned the document, you can simply reduce the file size to compress it by decreasing the DPI. It would automatically save the file in less DPI. This means that the file would have a smaller size and will be easier to transfer. You can test it out now to see just how effective it is.

3. Maintains Features

Another reason why PDF file formats are the best when compressing documents is because the features are maintained. No matter how many times you try to compress the documents or send them, the features will still be there. This means that the file would maintain its originality. You will be able to use it just like how you normally would. Thus, you can convert PDF to word easily to retain the features.

As the features are maintained, you do not need to add any other features to the file. Everything will be retained. You can simply send the PDF file once the compression is complete.

4. Accurate

Regardless of how many times PDF files are compressed, they will remain accurate. The document details will not be omitted or difficult to read. You should be able to read the document and use it as you normally would after the conversion.

With PDF file format compression, you get to make the most of the file without any loss in terms of functionality. The fact is that the file format is designed for ease and convenience. Therefore, you have to check out the compression capabilities on your own to see just how amazing they are.

5. Security Features Are Kept

When you convert PDF files to any other format or compress them, you get to keep the security features. This makes it extremely useful. You can convert PDF to word to ensure that there are security features in place to keep the file secure.

With cybercrime on the rise, data is the first thing that cybercriminals are after. To ensure that your data is not misused or made public, you will find the PDF format to be the perfect option. It will prevent your data from being accessed by unintended persons. Simply opt for PDF file format compression to keep your documents safe. The security features in place will be maintained regardless of the number of times you compress the file. This makes it an excellent file format that you can rely on.


Now that you are aware of the importance of PDF file formats in compression, you can compress your PDF files with ease. It is obvious that PDF is the best file format. It can be used for a variety of purposes without any serious complications. Therefore, you should use it for everything.