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Converting PDFs Is Not As Easy As It Looks

The frustration of clicking on a link to convert your PDF but being redirected to a random website is a phenomenon that almost every netizen has experienced. The number of times we have been tricked by these faux sites! It might sound like a trivial issue to many of you, but imagine the despair of a student who has to submit a thesis in word format but cannot convert his or her PDF file into the format. Quite agonizing, to say the least! The need for a tool that gets the job done without creating a hundred thousand obstacles is at an all-time high alright! The million-dollar question that needs to be answered in this regard is: does such a tool even exist? 

Free Convert PDF: One Tool to Convert Them All

Fortunately, the answer is in the affirmative. There does exist an amazing tool that can put an end to your file conversion woes. As you might have guessed from the heading, the tool that we are talking about is Free Convert PDFIn this brief, we are going to talk about this tool in detail, and see how Free Convert PDF makes the life of millions of its users super easy with its convenient features. There is plenty that we got to share about this website! But the one feature that we cannot wait to share with you is the super speedy way in which this tool converts files. All it takes are a few seconds to convert your PDF file into the desired format! Now you don’t have to wait for hours before you can finally get your document in the desired format! Really puts one’s mind at peace, that news, doesn’t it? 

Using Free Convert PDF: A Novice’s Guide

Now then, before we talk about many amazing features of this tool, let us share with you, the user manual. We know that many of you are still hesitant about using this tool because of a bad experience with PDF converters in the past. But let us assure you, the process is really simple in this case! For the sale of keeping things simple, we are going to list the method in bullet points. 

Here is what you need to do to convert your PDF into any other desired document format:

1- In the first step, you need to upload the file to the website. Here, by file, we mean the document in the PDF format that you want to convert in any other format say in doc. Format. Select the file from its location on your computer storage and click upload. 

2- Once you have uploaded the file successfully, the next step is that of conversion. Once you click convert, the tool will start converting your file. We will not bore you with the technical nitty-gritties, but normally this conversion involves the extraction of text and images from the PDF file that you have uploaded in the first step. Optical character recognition in the case of scanned pages also happens in this step. 

3- If you have done everything by the book so far, your converted file should be ready to download in this step. As mentioned before, the best thing about this tool is that it gets the job done in a matter of seconds, which is why everyone seconds the opinion that this PDF converter is indeed one of the best tools of its kind. 

Why Free Convert PDF Is Better Than Other Tools? 

Quite sure that by now, you might have guessed it all by yourself why this tool trumps others! However, there are plenty of features that you might not know about yet, which is why we have decided to dedicate an entire section to this subtopic. Here are some of the key reasons why traffic on is increasing with every day passing! 

Unlimited Use

If you have decided to sign up on this website, may we congratulate you on making such a terrific decision>? Not only do you get to convert your files to and from PDF into any format of your liking, but you can also have an access to the full suite of tools offered by the platform. We know what’s the next question swirling in your mind! How many membership plans are available? Well, there are four sign-up options for you to choose from. These are month, monthly, annual, and lifetime. You can opt for any of these, keeping your requirements in mind. 

Works for All, On All!

A problem that many users have faced while using the so-called Free PDF editors is that they might not work with their operating system. The compatibility issue is a serious one and needs a genuine solution that puts it to rest for once and all. Free Convert PDF offers universal conversion, which means that you can convert files to and from PDF using any operating system. Whether you are a Windows user or a quirky Linux user or even a professional whose life’s achievements are stored in a Mac book, this website works for all. Among all free PDF editors that are available online for free, this one sure wins takes the cup!

There Is Nothing It Cannot Convert

Diversity in OS compatibility is one fine feature alright, but wait till you hear about the variety of formats to and from which this platform can convert files. JPG, PNG, EPUB, EXCEL, WORD, PPT are some of the most commonly used file formats and we are happy to report that this platform supports conversion to and from all these formats. That’s not all though! The platform features versatile editing features as well. We all know how hard editing a PDF can be. Well, you can bid farewell to your editing woes as well. Free Convert PDF allows you to merge, split, rotate, delete, and protect your PDF files in a hassle-free manner. Not only that, the platform allows the user to fill and sign your PDF file, crop it, resize it and even put a cute watermark on it as well! If that’s not amazing, what is? 


One major issue with uploading files on the internet is that your data’s security is compromised. However, that is not the case with platforms that offer 256- bit SSL encryption, like the Free Convert PDF does. You don’t have to worry an iota about the security of your files if you have decided to put your trust in this platform for conversion purposes. No one can access a word or a pixel of it, you have our word on that!

Deletes after You See

Forget about sharing the data with others, Free Convert PDF doesn’t keep your files even in its database. We are talking about a platform here that allows you to delete your files once your conversion needs have been met. In the instance where a user forgets to erase the data manually, the clever system deletes the files itself. We often hear free online conversion tools boast about setting optimal security standards, never did we ever imagine we will see the dream materialize! In short, your information is safe and secure, one hundred percent! 

FAQs about Free Convert PDF 

We know that by this stage in the discussion, questions of all sorts have started bubbling in your mind. The bad news is that we cannot answer all of you, the good news is that we can answer the most frequently asked questions about PDF converters. Scroll below and see if you got lucky!

Is this tool-free? 

As mentioned earlier, there are four membership plans available at super affordable rates. To enjoy premium services, you can opt for any of these plans. 

How can I pay my membership fee?

This is one of the most secure PDF conversion tool suites that we are talking about it. It only makes sense that it accepts payments via the world’s most secure payment system i.e. Stripe. New users signing up from anywhere in the world can make payments via Stripe.  

Am I uploading my personal data to a secure website?

What does the discussion that has happened so far suggests? Of course, it is super safe and secure!  

How long does it take before my uploaded files are deleted? 

Three hours is the deadline after which your uploaded files will be deleted from the tool’s online database. Enough time, we daresay! 

Is my data shared with third parties?

Absolutely not. Your data is a sacred document for this online conversion tool, it ensures that no third-party eyes have an access to it. This free pdf editor and convertor is big on security alright!

A Happy Fan Base Is The Real Power of This Awesome Website! 

That would be all from this discussion. We hope that you learned something if not everything new about this amazing pdf convertor tool that has become the talk of the town. One million users are super satisfied with this platform’s service, join today and become a part of that happy cult! 

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